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What is Detox and How it Works?

Basically, detoxification is cleansing of blood. It is achieved by getting rid of impurities from the blood present in the liver, where processing toxins for elimination takes place. The body eliminates these harmful substances too through the lungs, kidneys, skin, intestines and lymphatic system. 

Detox diets are temporary dietary interventions made to get rid of toxins from the body. There are a number of lifestyle interventions to assist improve our pathways of detoxification including cleansing foods, exercise, healthy diet, juicing vegetables, deep breathing, intermittent fasting, infrared sauna, super hydration among others. This is said to:

  • Relax your body organs by fasting.
  • Enhance circulation.
  • Stimulate the liver to remove toxins.
  • Supply healthy nutrients to your body. 
  • Enhance toxin elimination through sweat, urine and feces.

It is normally recommended due to potential exposure to harmful substances in your diet or environment. Among them heavy metals, synthetic chemicals and pollutants. You can use suppliments like Detoxic to get rid of all that stuff.

The diet is also said to assist with a number of health problems including autoimmune diseases, bloating, inflammation, obesity, chronic fatigue, allergies and digestive issues.

How detox works

The body is designed to perform detoxification through multiple pathways which include the colon, the kidneys and the skin. The skin absorbs toxins in the body and gets rid of them through sweat. The kidneys filter blood and eliminate toxin through urine. The colon helps eliminate toxins which are metabolized inside the body in form of waste.


How does the Colon Detox work?


By taking supplements, changing our food, dinking drinks rich in minerals and vitamins that our body requires in the liver and giving the coffee and wine a break, we support our bodies’ everyday battle with toxins. Providing your body with a bid extra to perform with, while decreasing substances that slows our systems down is very important.

If these exit doors are blocked, the toxins can no longer be eliminated and they go back inside the body. hence, water and fiber are essential to flush out the system in any trial at detoxification. This process is nutrient dependent hence, if done wrongly, it actually does more harm than good. 

The three-phase detoxification process


  • Phase 1: the liver checks each and every molecule that moves in the body and renders the harmful ones harmless, biodegradable materials. Key nutrients needed here include; calcium, folate and vitamins A, B12, B6, B3, C and E. Their best sources are organ meat, soaked whole grains, vegies and fruits.

  • Phase 2: binding of the intermediate compounds to molecules such as sulfate, glycine and glutathione, producing nontoxic materials that can be removed. Free radicals are produced too as byproducts which can be neutralized if you take healthy amounts of antioxidants. It needs the amino acids cysteine, taurine, glycine and glutamine that comes from protein. 

After this, toxins that are neutralized are bound to more proteins to be eliminated. This best explains why proteins are important in this process. If proteins required to make amino acids are less, the body steals them from the muscle tissue resulting to weight loss.